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something exquisite~

28 September
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Welcome, to quadhotaru's icon journal. My little space on the web to post some icons I make for livejournals. Just look below for some simple rules (if you'd like to use the icons), helpful links, etc. I will try to post icons often :P

1) Leave a comment for the icon you want.
2) Give credit in keywords (manage >> user pictures).
3) Upload to LiveJournal or some other server (photobucket). Direct-Linking is evil.

aiken_4graphics * grumpy * divinegraffiti * faux_irony * inishmaan * kismet_icons * moony_graphics * pale_nocturnes * passionfilled *

If you would like to be an affiliate just leave a comment.


accepted @: good_potoicons

put links here.

programs: Jasc PaintShop Pro 7, Adobe Photoshop 7

I have been designing for a little over 3 years, and recently enrolled in college to study graphic design. If you have any questions regarding the icons/programs, etc. reach me on the instant messenger names above or quadhotaru@gmail.com. Please don't instant message me for icons requests. You can request icons here.

Yes, that's 1930s actress Jean Harlow on the header image thingers above :D